This guy is clearly quoting scripture from either The Living Bible or the New King James Version. One is a paraphrase of both the Old and New Testaments while the other is a modern translation with unyielding faithfulness to the the original Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic texts. There’s many others of course too. He also appears both humble and ready to rock the mic (headset) when needed, and his buddy seems to have been given the task of ‘hander-outer of paraphernalia’ for the evening. Both are on a busy street corner along Whyte and both have the attention of at least a few passerby-type people. The big question though seems to be this; can one truly be saved, or is it more the case that Edmonton has finally made the leap to a bonafide city? Or maybe it’s both!? Word on the street seems to be on the latter.

Or is that in the latter?



Happy Canada’s Day Kids :)

If you like reds and whites and beers and flags and crowds and music and dance and rock and roll and maybe even reggae then you should have been at the Cornbread gig over on Churchill Square for the festive holiday. Truth be told, it was more white bread than corn bread, but bread is bread is bread (yes, thrice!) and lucky for you we didn’t pull out the Gambler. That’s our ace-in-the-hole if you know what I mean. We could have of course, but we didn’t cause we do care. It happens.

Now go enjoy some fireworks.



I’ve been aware for a little while that occasional fasting is good for the body, and although I don’t really fast, I do go days where I don’t eat a lot including 12+ hour stretches without anything at all. Turns out however that apart from general health benefits including longevity, there’s cognitive ones as well.​

Stress it seems, which can be imposed on the body by withholding food, stimulates the brain neurologically and may help reduce cognitive impairments associated with aging ….Alzheimer’s for example. Stress is key though both in body and brain, and as with exercise is accomplished by forcing the body to do things it isn’t accustomed to. It challenges it. Challenges are tough though, and us human sorts (the Westernized version in particular) enjoy our comfort zones; we like the ‘feeling’ that eating provides, and quite easily find ourself emotionally invested in foods we eat.

We’re not slaves to our emotions of course, but we are at times overcome by them which in turn steers us into repetitive and at times self-destructive eating behaviours. Because fasting too can be influenced/regulated by our emotions, I feel it’s not without risk to those using it solely as a dietary aid to weight loss. For myself though, I can see intermittent fasting as an add-on to my regular activities and routines, and in the process perhaps stimulating that ol’ noggin as it merrily plods along its sure descent into senility.

It needs all the help it can get ….trust me.



I haven’t had a Winspear experience for quite some time, so getting to take in the whole Bad Plus thing with Joshua Redman last night was kinda exciting. But only kinda. The sound from my first balcony seat was touch and go for a good part of the evening, and I think it had to do with either one of two things; the room itself or the sound techs.

You see, whenever the drums picked things up in the volume department the sound on a whole suffered. It was as if the room couldn’t compensate for the volume increase, and instead of bringing me crisp and clear it pummelled me with ringing and booming overtones that washed out anything good that may have been happening elsewhere on stage. Now I mention the room being the issue, but it could have been the sound people too ….for they perhaps just let things ride when the drums stepped it up and didn’t bother compensating by adjusting the levels of the others. Riding the faders as they say. Anyways, there was something rotten in the state of Denmark and it wasn’t necessarily the performances.

You see, the quiet episodes were wonderful, but as soon as the volume increased it became a chore. The entire first act (Kneebody) was all about volume so they were often hard to listen to (3 of the 5 performers all bending down to tweak their effect pedals at the same time during a tune was worthy of a comedy routine ….here’s hoping it’s not the new jazz!) and for a few parts of the main act it was the same. Luckily though, the Bad Plus Joshua Redman were more constrained and dynamically aware so most of that show wasn’t such a drain on the ears.

But yeah, the best didn’t exactly come to mind considering the Winspear bills itself as a world class venue in the audio department. I could be fussy of course, but I don’t think so. Again, the quiet was great, but the not-quiet was …..well, not great.

I’ll save my opinions on the actual music for another rant ;)


The last vestiges of gum-ridden horns of doom are trickling in folks, and the Baritone Doctor will soon be back in the OR attending to those who have fallen prey to all manner of cruel and unusual beginning band torture techniques. The A-380’s have arrived (the Baritone Doctor’s approved spring of choice) and his expanders, mallets, rollers and flux all lie waiting for his skilled and steady hands. Yes, the shop will soon be abuzz with the sounds and smells of renew and repair, and the recovery room will fill slowly with born-again Baritones ….eager to get back to the task of moulding young minds for musical stardom. Or something like that.

Oh, and it’s hot outside.

Dad’s Day

Happy Fathers Day kids.

Me, I’m no father. I have one though, and I did the whole visit/gift thing last Sunday because I thought he wasn’t going to be around for this one. He is, and so I shall debate the bonus visit. I do have to get his computer though, and ‘fix’ it while they’re away for the next few weeks …which basically means checking to see if he fell for any of those phishing scams. Technophobes do that I hear.

As for gifts, I’m still one of those shirt guys. No ties ….Dad don’t do ties that often. Work shirts yes, although now it’s more the casual ‘hangin in the seniors complex’ attire. I also get him books/magazines I think he might find interesting. And a DQ Skor-flavoured cake for dessert. For him of course ;)

madera (i think that means wood!)

In lieu of anything truly noteworthy, may I present to you this wonderful-ish recording from days gone by. It’s of the group Madera …which was a latin-folk thing I was part of in the mid to late 90’s, and was on a cassette I must have done up into a demo of sorts. I think the recording is from a gig we did at the Alberta Museum, but I don’t really remember much so I’ll have to leave it at that -ha. There’s screw-ups of course, but overall I think it came off pretty well – especially when you consider I hadn’t been playing the bass for more than a few years or so.

The trombone however, I have no excuse…



Nice enough for the Mints that is. We’re typically not used to such luxuries as private toilets, green rooms and salads containing grapes, but this Fratters place in Red Deer has all those bells and whistles. Not to mention a sound tech, a stage and a generous portion of clapping audience-type people. Again, very nice indeed for us surly sorts who generally partake in the lo-fi gigging experience. Or something like that. Anyway all went really well until the dreaded caper occurred, sending us into a more sombre mood. Apparently we resolved the matter though, and no wallets or phones were harmed in the process. So you might say we survived all the stupid things!

Then again I might just be reaching for an effective transition…