It was just a few posts ago that I mentioned a TedTalk by Jon Ronson about online shaming getting out of control, and I think this #CecilTheLion thing in the twitterverse is going to be exactly that. The soon to be victim is a dentist from the U.S. who booked a bow hunting expedition in Zimbabwe. The game in question was a lion, and his guides at the time illegally lured a rather famous one who was collared and marked as part of some research study. He was shot, then eventually beheaded and skinned. The dentist is now being hunted through social media, and I’m somewhat certain his business and way of life up till now is going to be changed for the worse. He’s professing his innocence to mostly deaf ears I’m afraid, as the jury has quickly reached its verdict. You can read more here.

But I guess that’s the way things are now …trail, jury and sentencing taken care of on behalf of a social media posse. For better or worse. Again, I think our intentions are honourable in wanting to stand up for and protect from abuse a majestic creature in its natural habitat, but in our desire to do good we sacrifice our own because we don’t have time for details. We like things easy, cut and dry, and for it we’ll cast empathy under the same bus we now cast our dentist. And make no mistake, no one is safe from the mob making its way down that digital road ….except maybe the guy living in the woods without the internets.

Mmmmmm, sweet woods.


It’s a jazz ballad kids. Interesting notes on this tune are that I found it on an old cassette dating back to 1999. I thought “Gee that’s kinda pretty” and figured I didn’t record it cause it had too many 2-5’s in it or something. Silly me. The other thing to note is that I upgraded my rhythm section …so now they sound extra awesome lol, they work for peanuts ($118 US peanuts that is) but more importantly they never tire, always like the work, can play different tempos and will take whatever chords I throw at them. Great guys really. Oh, and the final note is that I’m getting somewhat better with the iMovie thing from last time around and actually got a fade to happen. I did screw up the Ken Burns thing at the end though. So yeah ….old dogs-new tricks.

I’ve titled it ‘Forgotten’ (Olvidados en Español!) and decided it worked better with a muted trumpet than any trombone contraption. You can download the mp3 here (click), the PDF lead sheet here (click) and find it with all its buddies on the New-Music page here (click). And as per usual all original music posts can be drummed up by searching this site with the magical phrase ilikeslurpees. Yes, still.


K-Days is done kids. If you’ve missed it no biggie, you can catch it again next year and I’m sure you won’t have missed a beat. The rides are still sickening, the food is still bad for you, the exhibitions are still exhibiting, the Carnies are still on parole and of course everything cost about 300% more than it’s really worth. But that’s the fun of it! That and the people that is ….the wonderful canvas of multiculturalism that this country is loved and cherished for.

Oh, and flannel I guess.




mutual approval machine

Jon Ronson gives an excellent TedTalk on online shaming and how social media can be used to somewhat subvert democracy. We don’t think about what it is we do when we comment and jump in on what appears to be a no-brainer in condemning another’s negative statement or action, but the problem is we don’t usually have all the facts. We tend to operate with the crowd, and the crowd is essentially a ‘mutual approval machine’ allowing everyone to pat each other on the back. We often ‘favour ideology over humans’ he says, and rather than take the time to empathize we rush in with self-righteous judgement. Personally, I think it’s a reflection on our decreasing attention spans coupled with the need to feel like we’re making a difference; we struggle, and by default go with the easiest option. Making a difference however is rarely easy.

And it takes time.


I got to check out the sights at Fiestaval over the weekend in Calgary. I’ve played there before a few times but this trip was more social, and as such I brought along the camera to nab a few shots of the activities. I haven’t used my ol’ Nikon for quite some time so it was nice to shake the rust off so-to-speak. Lots of good food though, and music, dancing and of course heat. And rain too …but a welcomed, cooling rain. Oh, and sangria’s!

Those were good :)





It’s a jazz thing kids. Old school-ish of course. One of those ‘rhythm’ things too. I know, you’re excited I can tell. I was excited too at the start, but after a while it becomes a little less exciting and a little more a pain in the a$$. Yep, I swore too …now we’ll just embrace the downhill skid from here ;)

I don’t play the trombone a whole lot these days (or these decades to be precise) so when I bought my old bone-instructor’s bone off a teacher-friend of mine who was squirrelling it away as a keep sake, I kinda envisioned it collecting dust at my place instead of hers. It’s one of those customized symphony types too, so although it’s a mellower sound (which I like!) it’s also a bigger horn to handle (to which I’m tiny!) so it’s taken me a month or so of some somewhat consistent playing to figure things out. I think I have though, and penned a little ditty a few weeks back I affectionately titled Big-Gulpology; a bop-ish head over your standard-ish rhythm changes. I did the video thing too cause it seems to be all the rage for the attention-deficit generation we’ve become …so now you can stimulate your eyes as well as your ears. I know!

The other interesting factoid about this tune is that instead of trying to play the background tracks myself, I hired a piece of software that samples real instruments and real players to follow along with your real (or even made-up) chords. A virtual band-in-a-box you might say. They did a great job though, and it sure makes things fun to play to when you have some actual ‘sounds’ in your corner. Just don’t get me started on the learning curve though. And speaking of which, Big Brother Apple decided to abandon the old iMovie version I was so fond of, which forced me to figure out the new fangled crap of theirs. I couldn’t though, so I found a slightly older version and worked with that to the best of my abilities. It still sucked, but it’s a starting point. Stupid Apple.

So as per usual you can download the mp3 for your very own private listening here (click), the PDF for your private viewing here (click) or just watch the video below to combine both listening and viewing. All songs are on the New-Music page as well, and you can find all the new music posts by searching this site with the term ilikeslurpees. Yep, still.