hot and heat

I enjoy the hot runs.

No ….not the diarrhea variety, but the longish and steady tests you put your body through when the temps reach close to 30 Cel. and you’re on the trail for over an hour. That was today. To be honest it was fun, and my prize at the end of it all was some bacon and eggs. I know lol …the breakfast of champions in the late afternoon. I took a preemptive headache pill too as I always get a doozy when I do anything long ….and so after the food and shower and general rest, the body feels tired but relaxed. Success. I did a 12k a few days ago as well, so I think I’ll keep to some smaller routes for the next week and find my way to the gym a little more.

Speaking of heat, Gwynne Dyer had an interesting climate change column lately about something called ‘non-linear’ temperature fluctuations. “But March was not only hotter than February – it was hotter by an even wider margin than February over January. Indeed, each of the past 11 months has beaten the highest previously recorded average temperature for that month.” Judging by the start of this month, May isn’t looking to change that trend – which means we’re in store for an unprecedented summer heat wave; one that may carry on and on and on and on…… Switching to an electric car or recycling or walking to work isn’t going to do squat either if Gwynne is correct, for this non-linear change isn’t something that can be tamed back. It’s an abrupt shift in the global temperature that once started has to run its course. The heat may be here to stay kids, and things like Fort McMurray have all that much more chance of happening again, sadly.

Stay cool….


fingers crossed

I took a little trip out to Tisdale this past weekend ….and it wasn’t planned. Grandpa took a fall. He didn’t break his hip though, but instead the second most frequently broken bone in the elderly when faced with a fall; the femur. He decided for the surgery and I saw him about 3 days after things were done. He’s fine, and not in any real pain now, but the fact that he’s 97 and lying in a hospital bed with limited capabilities of getting up and moving about (physio just once a day M-F) …I have a bad feeling about it all.

He hopes he’ll get to go back to his apartment, but he’s also aware that he might not and instead get placed next door in the extended care wing. It was here where his wife died about 10 years ago now. I sure hope he recovers enough, but I have a feeling he’s going to succumb to some bedridden disease like pneumonia or something. You never know though, and being tough enough to make 97 and still be on your own says something about his will to live …so here’s hoping he proves me wrong and regains some semblance of his earlier, elderly lifestyle.

Fingers crossed.


His daughter and great, great granddaughter are crossing fingers too.


It’s a new jazz ditty ….ballad of course. Solo piano. Yes, I fired the band. It’s a tune with a couple interesting features for me; the first is a 2/4 bar within the standard 4/4 AABA form. I don’t know why, but I was trying to work a little melody/chord thing in and it didn’t seem to fit within the normal beat of things, so when I got around to writing it out ….voila, a bar with only 2 beats. I suppose it was just a feeling thing, and it may have been the ballad/free tempo flow that allowed it to happen. However it happened, it seems to work. To me at least.

The other point of interest was the bridge part that kinda took off as an arpeggio section/groove. I didn’t like going to the C Maj7 initially (I hate it for some reason …that fact that it’s all white keys may have something to do with it ha) but then getting out of it and to the F min7 kinda made things come together. The arp thing wouldn’t have happened without the C either now that I think of it. The white keys are despised for us piano hacks btw ….we feel the black ones lend a bit of sophistication to music, and so we try to use them more often than not. Now all you real piano people know our fears ;)

I also slipped in a David Baker BeBop thing (I think that’s what it is…), some flat 5’s, and as well ripped off one of my other tunes at the end of the A sections. Overall I kinda like it though, but you can judge for yourself by grabbing the PDF leadsheet here and taking it for a spin. As per usual you can download the mp3 here, find the song on the Music -NEW page, and search the entire site with the phrase ilikeslurpees to drum up all the new music posts lying around.

And so, in the words of the late, great Rick Garn ….”Play magic fingers, play….”

Nike+ Running

I’ve used an app to time out my runs before, but gave up on it after I had a few routes measured and didn’t care for the fidgeting needed for its other features. I deleted it and life (i.e.: runs) went on until I decided to map out a few more ….which brought me in touch with the Nike+ Running app. I have to admit, it has a few neat things that remind me of the old days when I kept a personal log myself. Back then I’d note my time as well as my pace, route, distance, and a few notes on how I was feeling and/or what I ate. Ditto for the time of day and temperature. After a while you could see how your body responded to food and conditions etc. It also helped with motivation when it came to pushing past previous markers etc.

This Nike+ app does all that and more. The nice thing is it provides a list of your runs (not to mention weekly/monthly totals and a ‘shoe tracker’) and automatically gives you pace(s) as well as verbal cues during your run at whatever interval you’d like. I used to glance at the watch to see where I was before, but this thing just pipes up and tells me the distance and time. The only weird thing is making sure nobody hears the automated voice when I’m coming up behind them or something, but I usually know when it’s about to go off and kinda cover the speakers with my hand. I suppose headphones would work like a charm here.

The bad part is actually having to take your phone with you. I kinda like the feeling of not carrying anything, but I’ve found a pocket that keeps the phone fairly secure and out of the way (I HATE arm bands) and don’t mind things so far. Time will tell. I also hope there’s a way to eventually transfer your runs (timing, pace etc) into a small database of sorts. Ha, then I can do some comparing to the runs of old.

Try it out if you’re uninspired with your current app, you might like it.
I kinda do :)

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 7.07.11 AM

Image from

Terrell @ some party

Holy tired Batman.

It’s only 1:30 am and I can barely keep my eyes open …talk about getting old. Did a little show with Terrell tonight for some person’s birthday or whatever – actually I know it was a birthday cause we played Happy Birthday, duh. We also did some Prince songs (Kiss and Raspberry Beret) cause it appears the ‘Prince formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince’ died the other day from some sort of body FAIL. I’m gonna guess it was his spleen that ruptured. That or a clogged anterior fibular carcinoma that packed it in. I’m not a doctor though, so don’t take my assessment too seriously. If I was a doctor I’d know more than what I do ….and then still not be able to help with anything. Pffft, staying in school obviously sucks. Get out of there kids ….you’re only going to make things worse for yourselves!

Like I said ….I’m tired.
And this is Bryan.


troy was here

It’s been 10 years kids ….happy anniversary :)

I started this blog on this day back in 2006 and, according to the wordpress stat monkeys, have published 1,638 posts. If you’re hip on math that’s 13.65 posts per month ….to which I’ve been fairly consistent I think. Lots of informative crap mixed with lots of uninformative dribble; in the perfect combination of course. Part of me always thought I’d change things up if I ever got to this milestone. You know …refresh the theme, start new pages, reorder things, open some new categories etc. I even toyed with shutting it down, perhaps even starting something new. But as the day approached however, I kinda convinced myself that it is what it is. That is to say it is whatever it is that it’s become ….and I don’t want to change that cause I kinda like how it’s become. It’s grown on me.

That’s not to say that things won’t change at some future point, but rather if they do, it’ll be a generic growth and not something done for the sake of external or far removed timelines. It’ll change in the way it’s changed all along; at my whim and at those points when I need to reinvigorate myself or something. It’ll change like me ….or not! Anyway, it’s been a slice so far. And it’s been something that although has caused me grief at times, has also brought me much joy. And I suppose that’s what I like about it ….that it’s kinda like life; filled with all sorts of ups and downs …and all the while marking its way through this ever-growing, all encompassing cloud for that eventual moment when I physically depart this spinning mass of rock and ice-type substances, leaving behind some cryptic semblance of whatever it is I am.

The emphasis being on cryptic of course.


da couch….

I bought this new-to-me couch off Kijiji last week for $300 (with banana table) and think I got a good deal. It’s a retro 50-60’s kinda thing in orange with a neat pattern and cushions that are all in fairly good shape. It was in a garage for a while sharing space with a dog …so there was about 3 hours of power-vac and Bissell cleaning that it had to go through, but it seemed to pull through and aside from some minor stains under the cushions, everything came out looking not-so-bad. I’m kinda happy with it, and at the same time sad to see the ol’ green love seat go to the dump. The two major second hand dealers in town wouldn’t touch it because it was upholstered (a bug thing apparently) and after running it online for a few days, it seems no one’s into the green love seat thing anymore.

Of course one could argue if they ever were….



BBJ @ Banff Springs

It was my first time at the Fairmont Banff Springs this weekend and aside from the relatively small amount of time actually seeing it, I walked away with a fairly nice impression. That’s the bad thing about gigs sometimes though; you may get to go to interesting places but because you’re working you don’t have the time to really check things out. And it would’ve been nice to do that here. I did snap a bunch of pictures in the hour I had before we left Sunday morning, so when I get around to going through them I’ll post a few here. Wonderful architecture and internal design though, and almost worth the price of a stay ($479!) if you could spend the day enjoying all there is to offer. If you’re on a budget however, you may as well walk in as a non-paying visitor and wander about the halls and rooms taking it all in for free. I may do that next time I’m in the area.

The gig was good though, and the dancing dancers tripped the light fantastic ’till the wee small hours of the early morn. We did the new-to-me tunes I Shot The Sheriff and ELO’s Don’t Bring Me Down, but we sadly didn’t get around to Cake By The Ocean ….I kinda like that tune!

The bass part at least.
*I’m all about minimum effort here lol*


The Sloans

I saw one of those rock concert thingy’s the other day at Edmonton’s new Sidetrack wannabe. It was the Sloaners playing all their bitter-sweet rock/pop offerings for the hearty, over-capacity crowd that did the ‘hold your drink in your hand and bob your head’ dance for two very loud sets. The first set was them playing one of their early albums straight through (it’s apparently the thing to do) and the second was nothing but the hits. I left partway through the second, but up until that point only recognized two songs. Am I a shut in? Perhaps ….but then maybe the Sloanies got their succes in the Canadian post-Nirvana era that I just never really got behind, although I did wear a goatee and plaid for quite a while rather comfortably.

They did play their ‘coke fizz‘ song (goat jizz?) and it made me participate in the head bobbing for a few minutes, although it was, like the rest of it, kinda loud and unlike the original studio version that graced can-con ears for the years it ran. Most of the material though, to my ears at least, sounded exactly like why they never made it big in the US ….it just wasn’t ‘popular’ enough. They were Canadian-hip …tragically. (see what I did there?!) Anyway, I left the crowd of bobbing heads to bob on without me, and grabbed a whiskey sour (they’re pretty good!) before heading out into the cool, fresher air. The Sloanites touched me though, in a way that no one has touched me before ….especially the trumpet guy they picked up off the street for probably $10 to stand in front of a mic for a few tunes. He was awesome.



K and J

It’s a jazz ditty kids, titled K and J (a coveted no-prize to the one who can guess what it means…) and it takes med-swing jazz with two trombones to a whole new level never seen since the 1950’s. Yes, I am cutting edge if anything. I’ll add the chart shortly as I still have to put in the second line, but I shan’t forget. My background band is the coveted ‘Real Tracks Playerz‘ who’ve been busy accompanying other acts around the globe, and I’m glad they had to time to visit me in my Garbageband Studios. The sync is off in the video by just enough to make me grumpy, and I hope I didn’t disturb my neighbours as I was trying to let my compy know just how much grumpy I was. I hate being grumpy at ol’ compy.

Click on the video for phun-x’s and download the lofi mp3 here. You can find all new music posts in the Music-NEW section of this blarg and as usual search with the phrase ilikeslurpees to drum up the complete posts. And yes, I won’t forget about the PDF.