Standouts from this stunning affair…..

  • Running a little late (1hr 45min!)
  • Special/priority seating near bass bins.
  • Make your own pasta thing!
  • Four cheesecake selections.
  • Late night party people.
  • The Wedding Party Allstars helping out on stage.
  • I ate waaaaay too much.
  • ‘Ain’t Never Gonna Give You Up’
  • The end.



I’m getting sleepy kids. The work is dragging me down as the Baritone tally is keeping me busy enough to fill these last few weeks without any real break. All next week will see busy waiting rooms ….then deliveries begin the following Monday as everything has to get taken back. I went for what should have been an easy 5km today and failed miserably. I finished, sure, but it wasn’t at all comfortable or remotely record setting. Just tired, and not seeing any time for myself to do nothing at all – and you need that I think.

The Wedding Crashers crashed a wedding tonight as well, Tomorrow is another with the BBJ’s. Weddings sure start to lose their lustre when you see them from the other side a lot. I don’t mean to imply that they’re boring or routine, but they do follow similar structures that make things kinda blur together after a while. Small things usually set them apart – like the little girl that came up and grabbed the tambourine on stage for instance, or the bride singing Brown Eyed Girl with the band. The rest of it though ….just another night for two loving people to mark the beginning of the rest of their lives together. You know, routine stuff.

Steph, Aud, Steph Too and Garreth ….all smiling at the same time!



The Eskies snapped a losing streak over at Commonwealth Stadium tonight kids, and I’m sure their good fortune had almost everything to do with the warm up band in attendance; The Crashers. The band crashed the Coors Light Fan Fest and left the early drinkers with just that much more energy to channel toward the team. That’s how it works thought doesn’t it ….with flow? With momentum? Sure it does, and that little bit of excitement at the pre-game translated into this early season game-changer which will in turn translate into the top of the CFL world in a few months or so.

Or something like that.


almost busted….

I got into the Folk Fest on a free pass and managed to blend into the ‘Photographers’ access area in front of the main stage last night ….unintentional though! I kinda just went where some other peeps with their cameras were going and then found myself a nice place to sit, but what I didn’t realize until it happened was that the camera peeps are only allowed to hang out for the first two songs of each performer or something, and then you had to leave. I was given a funny look when I didn’t go the first time, but then knew enough to leave with the crowd after that. Lol, I was almost busted. It was fine though, and entertaining as well as I got to watch that Passenger guy with that one song you’ve probably all heard. I thought he put on a great show, and had the crowd up and down throughout …but he swore a lot also – yeah, I remember the weirder stuff.

Nice time though, and I even used my 50mm that I never take out of the house. I actually used it for the top pic below as my other lenses aren’t all that great in low light stuff. Good enough ….but not great.



Danceland is one of those tucked away secrets in the heart of Saskatchewan ….and its claim to fame is that it has one of the best dance floors in the world; one that’s built upon horse hair! I know what you’re thinking …..are there any other horse parts under it? Was it the site of some glue factory way back when, and they shovelled the equestrian remains under the carpet so to speak? No and no. The horse hair was used as an absorber of sorts, so any pressure (dancing for example) placed on the floor is soaked up by the hair – essentially turning the floor into something forgiving on the legs/feet, allowing one to dance for hours without the worry of the strain normally felt on other hardwood floors. That’s the selling feature at least, so I’m told, and I’d give you a ‘yay or nay’ on the matter if it weren’t for the fact that I don’t dance. I did shuffle some equipment along it however, but it didn’t make my equipment any lighter lol …so again, I can’t offer any personal perspective on it, but I hear it’s da bomb.

They other thing about Danceland (built in 1928 btw) is that it’s located on the shores of Canada’s only saltwater/mineral lake. It’s Manitou Lake, a mini Dead Sea if you will, and it brings troves of tourists in for its acclaimed medicinal/healing properties. I tasted the water ….it wasn’t as salty as an ocean in my opinion, but there was salt. It may be less concentrated than it was in the old days however as the last decade of moisture in the province has kinda saturated the thing. The water levels are at an unprecedented high, and they installed manmade berms along the shoreline last year or so to keep the water’s edge from swallowing things up. Hopefully it’ll dry out a little down there, but if not I fear Danceland may become a horse hair filled wadding pool. That would suck to dance on I’d think …let alone wade in.

Anyway ….the trip was business related as the Wedding Crashers played a gig on the Sunday, and it was situated perfectly for me to venture out to Tisdale from (see last post) as a little mid-summer R&R. Two birds in one stone as they say – and it was all good. It was kind of a busy trip at times, but fun too. I saw the family, I saw the mini Dead Sea, and I saw the famous horse hair filled dance floor that makes Danceland one of the country’s hidden gems. Oh, and did I mention Elvis Presley was rumoured to have played there (maybe even danced!?) It’s true! Although, I think he may have left the building a long time ago.

*Thank you, thank you very much*





Greetings from the Tisdale kids ….where life is rolling along swimmingly. The baby Alexys is getting less baby like, the nephew is getting taller and of course me getting older doesn’t help with perspective. It was a business/pleasure trip (to be explained next post) and it was nice to see everyone. I got to drive my first semi, which might be an even bigger accomplishment if it wasn’t for the fact this one was automatic and almost anyone could have done it, but fun none the less ….until the kidneys start to get sore of course. Had some excellent food, more excellent desserts and most importantly got to see Grandpa getting along better than he was the last time I was out. A little mixed up at times, but for someone 97 things could be a lot worse.

Some pics….








Chat Snappies!

In my last Pokey Post I forgot to mention that part of what made the Pokey Man’s so ‘big’ was the fact that it overtook the Snappy Chats for top download billing on the Internets; and that would have some relevance to you if you knew how ‘big’ the Snap Chatty’s actually are ….huge! Bigger than huge actually. So big that the Chatty Snaps are pretty much the biggest thing since the Facebooks, Internets and Sliced Breads themselves. I know!

I’ve had the misfortune of snapping now for about half a year or so and must admit it is somewhat entertaining. It all depends on who you follow of course, and if you’re interested in what they have to snap. According to the niece, you can follow a LOT of people but you get annoyed with those who snap more than a few times a day …no one’s life is that exciting I suppose. I use it to peek in on some family and friends and have yet to explore the ‘ads’ they promote, or follow any people who I haven’t met and know fairly well …no stranger-snaps for me. The filters get swapped occasionally, and I’ve learned early on to avoid snapping with my cell data; I don’t have one of those huge data plans the kids seem to like.

As for content, I haven’t even inquired as to where it goes. Apparently the data disappears from human history after 24 hours, but if I know my NSA I’m sure they’ve got some space-grade servers storing all that stuff for future blackmailing and/or terrorist hunting. Like publicity, all data is good data for them, and to that end I’m extra careful with what I put out there. Nothing personal and nothing I couldn’t handle being out in the public realm. It’s for fun ….and definitely not for business.

Nope, definitely not.


Say you evolved your Rattata into a Raticate but you keep finding eight zillion Rattatas. Well, save a few, and use all that candy (and zero stardust) to evolve them for 500 XP a pop. There are probably only a handful of Pokémon that you will find this often, but trust me, this is a great use of extra candy which costs you nothing of significance and will really help with leveling.

This was somewhat entertaining when I came across it a week or so ago ….it was as if I stumbled across a foreign language or something. Back then the Pokey-Man’s weren’t quite legal here in PoKanada, but much has changed in that week or so, and the craze has migrated North with abandon, along with it’s weird and cryptic nomenclature. Lots of folk say it’s great for families, fitness and finding friends while other see it as evil incarnate – digitally incarnate that is. I’m undecided, so you pick. Ultimately it’s just another way for people to preoccupy themselves so they don’t have to think about the stuff they feel they have to be thinking about. Which isn’t a bad thing. But not necessarily a good thing either ….again, you decide.

Me – I’m gonna pass on this adventure. I don’t have the time or patience, I’m gonna die soon (from older age….) and I’ve yet to take my smartphone as seriously as my fellow Matrixites. It’s a phone after all, and even if there was a dedicated device (say a ‘Pokey-phone’ or something) I still think I’d take a pass because I’ve enough trouble dealing with reality as it is …so you can just imagine how augmented reality would set me back. And besides, now that I’ve met and kicked the a$$ of one of the rarest pokemon creatures without even trying, I think it’s fairly obvious that if I ever was to download and play the game, I’d pretty much own the company after a month or so.

Where’s the challenge in that.



Points of Interest along this gig might be the 2006 Harley drag bike, the trip down memory lane with a Vardy, Fast Eddie McDonald, finding that the only money is at the top, pogo stick calamities, generous vodka and cran’s, super drone, being afraid of having the lights go dim, trophy rooms, and some great roast beef ends with beans to die for. The rest is either a blur or lost in the haze of sleeplessness.

Probably more of the latter.